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Boost Your Wix Website Conversions with UX & Tracking

Our Wix website UX integration service allows you to uncover opportunities to boost conversions without the guesswork and see where your users are dropping out or failing to take action.

How can UX help your small business to grow?

Whether it’s a website, software or any product for an end-user, the objective is to generate an enjoyable, seamless experience for the user. If users are happy, then your business can grow.

  • Create happier experiences for customers

  • Increased conversions

  • Increased online sales

  • Increased customer satisfaction and repeat visits/sales

UX Design in Wix websites

UX is an important component of website design. Buyers (or users) expect a good experience and make buying decisions in seconds, if it takes minutes to find your navigation then you won’t succeed. Similarly, if your visitors don’t get the right feeling straight away, then they’re unlikely to complete your lead forms. Whenever a user struggles to use your website, they might decide it’s not worth the trouble.

This is why it’s essential to understand how users use your site and fix whatever is causing their frustration.

Web Design
“User Experience is all about how we perceive it, how we use it, and how we remember it.”

What UX Tools Could We Integrate To Your Wix Website?

Heat Mapping

Heat maps help you to find the ‘’why’’ behind every lost conversion by seeing how people interact with your site. You can get an all-round view by looking at desktop, mobile, and logged-in sessions to see what areas of your site are working well with your visitors.

Free tool options include:

  • Yandex-metrics

  • UX Sniff

  • Hotjar

orig (4).png

Web Stats

We can integrate 'web-stat' to your website.  With Web-stats for Wix you'll be able to:

  • View visitors using your site in real time

  • Observe visitors interacting with your website live

  • See the path followed and duration of stay on each page

  • Get your UX stats by email

  • Receive alerts for new visitors and for conversions, or if anything goes wrong with your site so you can get it fixed before it causes real issues

wix web stat

User Session Recordings

Watch every move your users do on your website with video recordings. Find the ‘’why’’ behind every lost conversion by seeing how people interact with your site, such as with video footage. Clicks, scrolls, keystrokes, and mouse movements are all recorded in a single informative movie. Plus, you'll get an all-round view by looking at desktop, mobile, and logged-in sessions.

Free tool options include:

  • Yandex-metrics

  • UX Sniff

orig (2).png

Click Maps


Click maps allow you to get a birds eye view of all of the engagement on your website. Click maps help website owners track on-page user engagement, such as clicks on buttons, links and images etc.

Free tool options include:

  • Yandex-metrics

  • UX Sniff

Advanced User Reports


Get tons of useful data in a simple to read and interpret report, saving you time and hassle and enabling you to turn the data into actionable insights to continually improve the usability of your site.

Free tools options include:

  • Yandex-metrics

  • UX Sniff

  • Google Analytics

Website Search Bar


Adding a search bar is a simple and quick way to instantly improve your websites usability. It gives visitors an easy way to search your site and make it easier for visitors to find relevant content, products, and services on your professional website.

Free tool options include:

  • wix search tool


Form Analytics


It's vital that we discover why a form isn’t performing well and how to fix it. We can help you to find that “odd one out” field that’s hurting your conversions and detect the pain points causing people to abandon checkout forms and lead forms. You can analyse how users move down the ‘‘form funnel’’ field-by-field and reveal what’s making them give up.

form analytics

Are your serious about improving your website usability and conversions?

Wix UX Services

Most people aren't 100% sure their Wix site is performing as it should. Noisy, complicated analytics don't help, so we’re here to link up useful UX tools, including Webstats, UX Sniff, Google Analytics and a Wix Search Bar to your Wix website to provide invaluable easy-to-interpret data and user searchability for your site.

  • Wix UX Setup

    Perfect for SMB'S that want to track themeselves
    Valid for 3 months
    • Integration of Web Stats
    • Heatmapping Integration
    • Click Maps Integration
    • Live Session Recordings Integration
    • Wix Search Tool Added to your site
    • Form Analytics Integration
  • UX Monthly Reporting

    Every month
    You will receive a UX report each month that includes:
    • Website Visitors (active, idle and rage users)
    • Country of Visitors
    • Page visits and top pages
    • Website Engagement (views and clicks)
    • Website Load time score
    • Average session durations
    • Analysis of customer journeys taken on your website
    • Videos to evidence what customers are doing on your site
    • Form Analytics
    • Key findings and suggestions
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