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Moon Digital are highly experienced when it comes to SEO for Wix (and other platforms used by small businesses) and getting you that all important traffic to your Wix website.


Get a free SEO Audit for your website from a Wix SEO Expert trusted by hundreds of small businesses. 

wix seo expert

Tap into 167 billion Google Searches each month!

What is SEO?

SEO allows you to show up in search results without paying for advertising space. That means that you won't have to keep spending time and hassle on paid ads. Search Engine Optimisation is the one digital channel, that will – if done right – save you long-term investment and enables you to own space on organic Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).


There's no better way to convert a visitor than when they found you when searching for 'exactly what you do' on page 1 of Google! It creates trust and authority and is proven to convert better than ads.

  • Less ads spend

  • Converts better than ads

  • Create trust and authority

Why should you hire an SEO expert?

Using an SEO consultant or Wix SEO expert company means that you get the best help to be visible and compete online. As search engine algorithms have become more intelligent, the competition for the top search engine rankings spots is fiercer than ever. The companies that rank higher get more traffic and ultimately more customers and sales. 

If you want to get that all important traffic to your website then you need a wix seo expert...               


Getting your website to rank on search engine results pages is one thing though... keeping your site there and getting it to perform in traffic is another thing altogether! This is why hiring a Wix SEO expert company such as Moon Digital (who have been doing SEO for Wix for over 7 years) gives you the peace of mind that your business will get to where it needs to be online.  

  • Get more traffic

  • Stand out from competition

  • Rank in major search engines

  • Peace of mind

  • Local SEO support and Google Business Profiles

Proven 3-step Wix SEO process

A sustainable SEO strategy consists of the right combination of SEO measures in the right space and priority. We offer a well-balanced 3-step SEO for Wix strategy that is designed to support your businesses objectives, and drive that all important traffic to your website.


You might be able to get a lot more out of your existing website than you think. 

Technical SEO addresses all the ranking factors that are hiding behind the scenes, meaning those that are hidden in the code and mostly not visible when looking at a website. Site speed, site maps, favicons, mobile optimisation and code are all examples of these.

Technical SEO is part of the pro SEO package.


These are often quite quick to fix and can produce significant changes. These are the important on-page aspects of your site that we can optimise to improve your rankings, such as keyword density in the copy content, word count, headings tags, image alt tags, blogs and internal links.

We will first carry out comprehensive key words research to help you to decide what terms to focus on.

On-page SEO is part of all SEO packages.


Search engines are intuitive, and they learn what the world thinks of your website from your off-page SEO techniques, so ensuring your off-page SEO strategy is consistent with your on-page strategy will help give your site more exposure and relevance. I will create a consistent approach and create a range of local citations. blogs and backlinks and monitor these. (I will create the content for you here to save you time).

Off-page SEO is part of all SEO packages.

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