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Give your wix website design a professional touch

Moon Digital are experts in wix website design. Whether you're looking for a brand new company website, or your website needs a refresh. We're here to help you create a website that tells your unique story.         

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5* Official Wix Website Design Agency Wix Web Design Agenc


You can create your own wix website design for your business using many different methods, but the best way is to hire a professional wix web designer to get a professional look and feel that stands out from the competition!


Check out the Wix partner profile HERE.

Professional Wix Website Design

Need a bespoke, high-converting and professional Wix responsive design that intelligently engages your target audience? Or perhaps you want to improve the look of your current site?               


I specialise in wix site design, SEO for Wix and working with, creating and improving Wix websites. I create attractive, responsive, affordable and high-converting websites for your business or personal needs that are simple for you to maintain, track, analyse, market and update all inside the Wix platform.


From e-commerce, portfolio, e-learning courses or blogs; I'll create a Wix website design you can be proud of in the most used platform across the World!

Wix Edits & Maintenance

Do you want help maintaining or updating your Wix site?


If you already have a website and don't have the required skills or time to maintain, edit or make updates to the website yourself, then let me do the maintenance for you.


I'll keep you up to date on new features that are applicable to your site and update your site where necessary. I will also modify your website with new products, pictures, blogs and text so that your site will always be up to date with new and trendy styles which will help you get more clients and gain more business.

Learn more about Wix Website Maintenance Plans >

Let's talk about your wix website!

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Why Wix?

I used to build websites using other types of website design software but found that Wix is often a much better option for my clients. I believe in it that much that even this Moon Digital website has been created by me in Wix! Here's why:

1. Cost:

Wix websites are a lot quicker to create (even bespoke designs that don't use templates) as I'm focusing on the design only and not the coding (wix has built-in code). By cutting out the coding and the need for a developer, I can build sites quicker and at a lower rate so you can pay less!

2. Versatility:

Due to the advances with the Wix editor I can create truly stunning designs that you'll love and can be tweaked and changed easily. (Plus, with the Wix Velo code and embed HTML widget we can add unique code where needed to create custom functionalities). 

3. Easy to manage yourself:

One of the best aspects to Wix built websites for my clients is that you're getting a site you can manage yourself without the need for any coding. (I can manage this for you though if you would prefer!)

4. Device Compatibility:

Wix websites are built as responsive websites and are viewable on all devices across all web browsers and software. They'll be no security or browser issues.

5. Great with SEO and Marketing:

Many people are concerned that a website built using a website builder like Wix won't perform as well with SEO but this is not the case. Wix websites have been proven and include a wide range of built in SEO tools capable of getting your site to the top of Google!

Read more about my Wix thoughts on the blog.

Bespoke Websites or Start with a Template

Whilst I usually recommend creating a bespoke website that is tailor made for your audience and brand, there are times when starting with a template that you like can work well. We can still tailor the template in it's design and functionality to work for you. There are a wide range of templates inside Wix that we can use, or take a look at our popular ones below.

Get in touch to enquire about using any of these templates for free, or for support with customising a Wix template for your brand.

Popular Wix Editor Templates

Film Release
Screenshot 2024-01-29 133323.png
Tech/Product Landing Page
Screenshot 2024-01-29 133510.png
Solar Installer
Screenshot 2024-01-29 133704.png
Autono (E-Vehicles)

Popular Wix Studio Templates

Business Consultant
Screenshot 2024-01-29 134844.png
Construction Company
Screenshot 2024-01-29 135024.png
Travel Company
Screenshot 2024-01-29 135215.png
Screenshot 2024-01-29 135545.png
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