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Here's why 90% of my client websites will be using Wix in 2022.

When I take on new clients, I always like to be fully open and transparent about their website platform options, whether it's a new-build site or just a layout change. I outline exactly what both Wix and WordPress (Elementor) provide. I explain that with Wix they can get the same results as a WordPress website but in a much quicker, easier and less expensive way. Plus, they get better support, hosting, and uptime too. And each time the client says, “Yes that sounds much better. Let’s switch.”

wix web design

The bottom line is that Wix is much simpler, smoother, and more effective, from beginning to end, in virtually every way...

Speed & Time:

When it comes to building, WordPress takes double the time. Before we can get started, we have to check that all the plugins are trusted and compatible. But with Wix, we can log into their Wix account, design right onto the page right away and send a feedback link to our clients for approval. With Wix, the code is already done for you meaning that us web designers can create beautiful designs in less time for our clients, keeping the cost down.


Wix’ drag-and-drop editor offers numerous customisation options that grant the designer maximum artistic freedom. A huge variety of apps, images and widgets that enhance the user experience are available at a click of a button. It enables us to build our clients sleek and complex websites with sophisticated features. With WordPress, we have to find compatible plugins and continually update these to ensure that the site stays displayed correctly in the future. With Wix, there's none of this.

wix app market

Some 'old-fashioned' web developers will tell you Wix is too basic! But Wix has advanced a lot in the last few years. There's options for adding personalised code for more advanced features via the embed HTML widgets or the wix code (VELO); here you set up custom API interactions by means of JavaScript. You can also create databases. The only limit is your imagination!

wix velo code

It's great for SEO friendly websites and blogs too! It comes with the features that you’ll need (e.g. tags, categories, RSS, etc.) and a built-in SEO wizard (checklist) to help make your site search engine friendly. It’s also possible to schedule your blog posts. Plus, with the Wix mobile app you are able to edit and publish articles on the go. You can even sell paid subscriptions to your blog posts. It's quick and easy!

wix SEO

Cost and Maintenance:

Comparing the two, WordPress takes around 40 hours to build a typical site, but with Wix it can be done in around 20 hours. Plus, we can cut the cost of web development. This results in you paying much less to have your site built and worked on. Similarly, when you're paying for on-going service, edits and maintenance of your site, the work will be done much faster in Wix and therefore this saves you money in the long-term too. Plus, you don't have to worry about on-going plugin conflicts and updates like you do in WordPress.

It's much more client-friendly too; meaning simple edits you may even be able to do your self. Once the site is up and running, clients feel much better equipped to manage it themselves. We can even spend an hour showing you how to edit text, add blogs and upload images so you can do basic changes on your own. This is something that clients would find muich harden to do inside a WordPress site.

On first glance, Wordpress has the cheaper hosting options. But Wix will maintain, backup and update your website with the latest security and functionality, making it great for the money. For small businesses, the "Combo", "Unlimited" or "eCommerce" options are good choices, depending on whether or not you want to include an online store. However, in considering cost it's important to remember that Wix's templates are all free, and the majority of their apps are, as well. This is not the case with WordPress.

Wix Hosting pricing:

P.S every few months Wix do a 50% off promotion too so it's well worth getting your plan at this time!

I'm not going to deceive you though. WordPress does have cheaper hosting costs. Because WordPress is fundamentally free software for self-hosting, the easiest route is to register with a web host such as Go Daddy or another external hosting provider. These hosting plans won't include your free templates though or Google Ads vouchers, and the 'basic' and 'deluxe' plans also do not include your SSL certificate (site security) which is essential. They are also practically double the price when you renew in your second year, whereas Wix stays consistent and open about it's pricing and has everything included.

Go Daddy Hosting 2021:

Support and Looking Forward

Wix always seems to be looking to improve too. Every month they’re launching new features and updates that change the game and further improve what they offer designers and clients. They’ll boost speed, personalisation, coding, apps, security and more!

new wix features

So there you have it. Simplicity and efficiency. Speed and trust. Wix just does it better—which allows us to focus on building the sites and creating the very best designs to support your business.

Are you ready to have a Wix website built for you at an affordable price?

Get in touch with me here.

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